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State Pharmacy Licensure

All mail order prescriptions are filled at Corporate Pharmacy Services, Inc., a federally regulated and licensed pharmacy located at 319 Broad Street, Gadsden, AL. Corporate Pharmacy Services, Inc. is a licensed pharmacy of record that dispenses prescription medications on behalf of workers compensation insurance companies. Our companys name appears on the label of all prescription products.

Corporate Pharmacy Services, Inc. will only ship prescription orders to the following states:

Alabama 10275
Alaska 925
Arizona Y005023
Arkansas OS02290
California 1261
Colorado OSP.0005717
Connecticut PCN.0000901
Delaware A-9 0000832
Florida PH 12393
Georgia Not required
Hawaii 596
Idaho 2193MS
Illinois 54.016531
Indiana 64000840A
Iowa 3824
Kansas 22-02508
Kentucky AL1361
Louisiana PHY.006071-OS
Maine MO40000855
Maryland P04690
Massachusetts Not required
Michigan 5301008123,4601,7-154-35299_63294_27529_27548---,00.html
Minnesota 26335
Mississippi 03010/07.1
Missouri 2009011967
Montana 2302
Nebraska 671
Nevada PH02385
New Hampshire NR0672
New Mexico PH00003059
New York 030646
North Carolina 09947
North Dakota PHAR932
Ohio NRP. 022350550
Oklahoma 99-1216
Oregon RP-0002686-CS
Pennsylvania Not required
Rhode Island PHN09860
South Carolina 8994
South Dakota 400-0787
Tennessee 0000004623
Utah 7280485-1708
Vermont 036.0052914
Virginia 0214001270
Washington PHNR.FO.00059283
West Virginia MO0559987
Wisconsin 432-43
Wyoming NR50188